Your pets need a vacation too!

in-house-pet-sitting-editScheduled feedings- If your pet has a special diet or even needs medications, we have quality staff on board who are not only passionate about animals, but are also educated in proper canine and feline nutrition. Of course, fresh water is always available.

Special needs pets’ welcome-
Does your dog or cat need more attention than others? Does he or she need medication? We have it covered!

Clean and hygienic atmosphere- Deadly viruses can be contracted from an unclean environment (Parvovirus), but we rely on a strict and daily cleaning/disinfecting regimen to prevent your pet’s illness. We haven’t had a Parvo case since we’ve opened our doors (2001!).

In-home pet sitting- We understand that you may work long hours or your job may require you to leave state often. We offer an affordable solution to making sure your pets and home are taken care of while you’re away. Contact us today to learn about our affordable rates.