Dog Owning Recruiters

Hi Matt here,

Today I talk to Doug Bates co-owner and joint Managing Director of Digital Recruitment Agency Intelligent People.

Based in the commuter belt in Hertfordshire, IP recruit all sorts of Digital marketing skills for some of the major online players such as Amazon and

Doug, is the proud owner of an amazing bulldog called Frank.

Meet them both 🙂

“Frank has been part of the family since he was a puppy”smiles  Doug.

“He’s my stress relief along with my cycling and running. I love taking him out on long walks around St Albans and the surrounding cvountryside. He keeps me sane away from the hum drum of running a successful digital recruitment company”.

What’s Frank like as a dog?

“He’s just brilliant, he’s got an amazing character and he’s fun to be around. I know he looks so sullen, but that’s part of what makes him who he is. He’s so happy when I come home at night”.

“We run the business as a lifestyle business. Many recruitment agencies will drive their people hard and do not mix fun in with business. But when I started IP with my partner Chris, we decided to move out of London to be nearer home as we wanted a better work/life balance. We did this for ourselves, for sure, but also for our staff”.

“We ensure that the staff members achieve that better work/life balance. If there’s work that needs to be done, sure, we stay and do it, but, we try to be gne by 6pm sothat we can all get home and do the things that are important to us outside of work”.

And, Frank falls into the category?

“Very much so, my wife and I both love having Frank around. In fact we couldn’t imagine life without him, he’s been such a big (and I mean big) part of our lives for so long now”.

“And don’t you think the name Frank just suits him so well? Just loook at him, he is so very definitely a Frank”, he laughs.

It’s true he really does suit the name. And, you can see that Frank truly runs the roost in the Bates household.

“He knows where the boundary lines are”, Doug smiles again, “he’s been well trained and he rarely does anything out of order these days. He’s just so much fun to be around”.

You can find Intelligent People here for recruitment of all things Digital including a wide range of Online Marketing Jobs and Vacancies, although they don’t recruit Bulldogs 🙂

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