Nerja The Secret Of The Costa Del Sol

Nerja is an absolute Gem of a town on the Costa del sol. With a backdrop of stunning Mountain scenery and the dramatic Mediterranean coastline to the fore.

The sun casting dazzling star like sparkles in the azure sea is a beautiful sight as the waves lap gently on the shore.From the Caves at Maro to the beautiful Balcon de Europa there is so much to see and do here including water sports such as diving, wind surfing, para sailing and the hiring of canoes. In the summer the dreaded banana boat trips can be found on Burianna beach.

From the Caves at Maro to the beautiful Balcon de Europa there is so much to see and do here including water sports such as diving, wind surfing, para sailing and the hiring of canoes. In the summer the dreaded banana boat trips can be found on Burianna beach.

Nerja – Discerning Visitors

Nerja is an absolute must for the discerning visitor who expects so much more from their holiday location. The beautiful Balcon De Europa with its stunning arches made even more attractive by the colourful pots of geraniums decorating it.

Although Burriana beach is a favourite with tourists, the lovely beaches of Torrecilla, Playazo and El Chucho which are located to the West of Nerja are well worth a visit. El Chucho is situated between Torrecilla and Playazo beaches and is the last of the beaches to have seaside promenade.

Along Playazo you can find a number of Chiringuitos (beachside restaurants) serving amazing local seafood and paella.

You can find lots of extra general tourist information at the Nerja Today website as well.

Where To Stay

The Spanish people love a fiesta of which there are so many. Starting in January with San Anton, in May there is the festival of San Isdro Labrador and the Feria De Las Maravillas Maro are very popular, to mention just a few!

Eating out in Nerja is a joy, there are many Tapas bars and wonderful fine dining restaurants including Thai, Nepalese, Italian and steak houses (particularly Bakus on Calle Carabeo) delivering the most perfect food and customer service, it’s all here waiting to be discovered in the maze of white-washed streets in this beautiful town.

Accommodation in Nerja is plentiful but it can get busy so booking in advance is recommended.

The Riu hotel is right on the sea front at Torecilla beach and is a wonderful place tostay, the pool overlooking the picturesque beach. Right in the heart of Twon and actually on the famous Balcon D’Europa is the Hotel Balcon with it’s amazing terrace where a cool drink and people watching is the order of the day.

If you fancy something different the MB Boutique one road removed from the front is also a cool place.

If you prefer something cheaper Hotel Ermita is circa €40/night and a beautiful place to stay. Clean and bright with a wonderful pool bar out the back. There are also nuerous one and two star hotels and hostals dotted around the Town.

There are villas, town houses and apartments to rent with prices to suit every pocket.
The hidden pearl which is El Senorio Real is a beautifully renovated fully equipped 5 bedroom luxury townhouse which easily accommodates 10 people and consists of perfectly appointed and tastefully decorated rooms. To the back of the property there is a stunning garden and pool which must be seen to be fully appreciated.

Then there are amazing investment opportunities like this two bed, two bath apartment for sale in Las Palmeras in Nerja. Las Palmeras is the jewel in the crown apartment block in West Nerja being close to the Balcon and also Torrecilla beach as well as many bars and restaurants.

Yes Nerja is an ideal holiday location it never fails to delight and enthral you will not be disappointed!

Dog Owning Recruiters

Hi Matt here,

Today I talk to Doug Bates co-owner and joint Managing Director of Digital Recruitment Agency Intelligent People.

Based in the commuter belt in Hertfordshire, IP recruit all sorts of Digital marketing skills for some of the major online players such as Amazon and

Doug, is the proud owner of an amazing bulldog called Frank.

Meet them both 🙂

“Frank has been part of the family since he was a puppy”smiles  Doug.

“He’s my stress relief along with my cycling and running. I love taking him out on long walks around St Albans and the surrounding cvountryside. He keeps me sane away from the hum drum of running a successful digital recruitment company”.

What’s Frank like as a dog?

“He’s just brilliant, he’s got an amazing character and he’s fun to be around. I know he looks so sullen, but that’s part of what makes him who he is. He’s so happy when I come home at night”.

“We run the business as a lifestyle business. Many recruitment agencies will drive their people hard and do not mix fun in with business. But when I started IP with my partner Chris, we decided to move out of London to be nearer home as we wanted a better work/life balance. We did this for ourselves, for sure, but also for our staff”.

“We ensure that the staff members achieve that better work/life balance. If there’s work that needs to be done, sure, we stay and do it, but, we try to be gne by 6pm sothat we can all get home and do the things that are important to us outside of work”.

And, Frank falls into the category?

“Very much so, my wife and I both love having Frank around. In fact we couldn’t imagine life without him, he’s been such a big (and I mean big) part of our lives for so long now”.

“And don’t you think the name Frank just suits him so well? Just loook at him, he is so very definitely a Frank”, he laughs.

It’s true he really does suit the name. And, you can see that Frank truly runs the roost in the Bates household.

“He knows where the boundary lines are”, Doug smiles again, “he’s been well trained and he rarely does anything out of order these days. He’s just so much fun to be around”.

You can find Intelligent People here for recruitment of all things Digital including a wide range of Online Marketing Jobs and Vacancies, although they don’t recruit Bulldogs 🙂

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Why Not Own A Pet Sitting Franchise

dog sitting franchise
dog sitting franchise

Do you love your dogs and cats, love your pets?

Silly question isn’t it…we all love our pets. But do you love them enough to want to work with them every day? if so, I bet you’ve sometimes thought of starting your own pet sitting business. But…it’s a whole lot of hassle isn’t it?

But…if you are genuinely keen on the idea of working with them, having your personal pet sitting business can provide an excellent living – if you know what you’re doing!

Going to work in a business you love is one thing few individuals achieve, however in case you are an animal lover why don’t you consider a pet sitting franchise? In truth, starting a canine walking service from the bottom up will usually prove challenging.

Certainly most communities have the demand, but getting all the programs, invoicing and gross sales cycles arranged is time consuming and is pricey. This is often the reason why the best way to enter into the field of, for example, dog sitting is by starting a pet care franchise.

The Franchise Business Model

Using the franchise enterprise setup will let you take everything that you know about animals at the moment and develop a successful business from your knowledge. The major profit in operating a franchise pet sitting or care operation is that each aspect of your business plan will already be set in stone. For instance all insurances are usually included in addition to all certifications, paperwork, invoicing and sales and advertising strategies.It’s a fool-proof solution to set up any business and it gives you time to concentrate in your core abilities instead of organising and managing the enterprise side.

Another main benefit in owning a pet sitting franchise is the reality that this can enable you to capitalize on the current goodwill of a previously recognized brand. You will have already got a very good enterprise identify and so they might even be capable of sending enterprise to you straight away. Your new business may have existing trust which means individuals shall be comfortable to trust you for their pet care. Pet owners, absolutely rightly, love and cherish their pooches and cats and usually tend to give you custom if it is to a reputation they already know and trust.

The Benefits Of Certification

You need to do more than put up posters or put an advert within the community newspaper. If you are not properly certified and don’t have the correct insurance coverage, you might be vulnerable to all sorts of claims and actions. Consumers have come to anticipate a lot more from these services and so, people who own doggy day cares are required to have a legitimate business setup. This implies that posessing a franchise enterprise in the pet care industry can even legitimize your services and shield you from a range of pricey legal liabilities.

This is where having the backing of a proper pet sitting franchise business is very much to your benefit

If you’ve been inspired and are interested in the possibility of opening your own dog walking and pet daycare organisation as part of a franchise, click Pets, Homes & Gardens at this website

Hiring a Pet Sitter for Your Pet

Quick Overview:

  1. What is a pet sitter?
  2. Advantages to hiring a pet sitter

You wouldn’t hire a complete stranger off the streets to watch your kids, so why take the same chances with your beloved pets?
If your work schedule or frequent traveling takes you away from your pets, you may want to consider hiring a reliable and honest pet sitter. Of course, your search may be as simple as asking a friend or family member if they have recommendations, but what happens if you turn up nothing?

Don’t fret, hiring a qualified pet sitter is easy.

pet-sitter-oakhurst1. What is a pet sitter?

Pet sitting is exactly the same as babysitting for kids (if you have any kids, that is). Dog walking may also be considered a form of pet sitting.

Pet sitters care for your pets in your home, while you’re away on travel, or at work.

A decent pet sitter will offer to visit your pet multiple times a day to ensure that their exercise and enrichment needs are met. As you may know, a bored dog frequently gets into trouble.

Pet sitters frequently perform the following tasks:

  • Providing fresh feed and water for the day/night.
  • Ensuring the pets are while the owner is away.
  • Keeping the home or pet enclosures clean and tidy. Cat boxes are frequently cleaned as well.

2. Advantages to hiring a pet sitter.


While you can hire a pet sitter off of craigslist or a similar ad service, paying the extra money to hire a professional pet sitter offers a multitude of benefits including:

• Pets are typically more content since they don’t have to leave their homes.

  • Diet and exercise schedules can resume without interruption.
  • The stress or anxiety induced from traveling is completely eliminated.
  • Exposure to a possible dangerous disease or illness significantly drops.
  • Friends or family who may not be familiar with your pet’s routine don’t need to be involved.
  • Professional pet sitters know what they’re doing.


The next time your boss asks you to stay an extra couple hours, or your job takes you out of state, consider giving us a call to see how we can help.